Fly on Points is not a travel agent, and does not resell tickets or obtain commission or otherwise engage in a financial relationship with any airline or travel company. We are experienced frequent flyers and points collectors.

Fly on Points is not liable for changes outside of our control, including airline schedule changes, aircraft substitutions and product changes. If there are changes that significantly affect your trip, we will strive to help you obtain the best possible result, but again, we bear no responsibility for such changes.

Fly on Points charges a consulting fee on a per-booking, per-passenger basis. If you voluntarily choose to cancel your trip, Fly on Points can assist in obtaining a refund and redeposit of miles, but the consulting fee is non-refundable. Fly on Points is not liable for any additional charges beyond the fees paid.

Fly on Points prides itself on our customer satisfaction guarantee. Fly on Points consulting fees are expected to be payable within 72 hours of confirmation of ticketing. In case of non-payment of consulting fees beyond this point, Fly on Points reserves the right to cancel any and all tickets issued, with any applicable cancellation costs to be borne by the customer.

Fly on Points mission is to help you maximize your points value and save you money, by any means possible.